Planting Churches is more than just starting another worship service. We are dead set on raising up leaders that evangelize communities and make new disciples.

Disciples that make disciples.

Leaders that make leaders.

Churches that plant churches.

Plant A Church

Who we are

R.A.M. Network is an organization within Open Bible East Churches that resources church planters to be equipped and sent to preach the gospel, make disciples, and plant churches. Our goal is to "Release And Multiple" church-planting missionaries all across the eastern region of America. 


We plant churches that:

- pursue the Holy Spirit

- reach their communities

- teach obedience to Jesus

- raise up leaders

- plant other churches

- pray for revival


What we do

We are serious about planting churches. The process is not s sprint but rather a marathon and we are committed to the long haul with our planters and churches. Below is a very brief description of what we do.

Train & Equip

Train those that are called to become effective church planters

Starting a new church requires a broad set of skills. We provide church planters with a wide variety of learning opportunity to gain unique insight into what it takes to establish churches from the ground up. 

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Clarify & Discern


Help leaders discover their calling and vision for church planting

For some church planting is a passion that they know they are called to. For others, it is something that needs to be discovered. We help people dream big about church planting and discover through a process their unique call.

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Support & Network

Giving approved church planters access to create their own network of relationship and support

Every church plant needs support in a wide variety of ways. From pray, technical support, idea exchanges, peer to peer relationship, to fundraising, we help our church planters build that life giving network.

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Mentor & Coach

Parnering each church planer with personal coaching and a community of church planter and leaders

No church planter should have to go alone in the process of starting a new church. Mentors and coaches are vital to the success of all our church plants. We connect each planter with a personal coach and a network or peers and leaders.

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Release & Multiply

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Every church should aim to raise up leadersto send and plant. We help them do that. 

The greatest missions agency on the face of the planet is the local church. We help local churches uncap their multiplication D.N.A. and become a sending powerhouse in raising new leaders and planting churches.

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Interested in Church Planting?

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