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Open Bible Churches is an association of churches and ministers with a mission to globally make disciples, develop leaders, and plant churches. Our premise is that we are more effective in fulfilling our mission by collaborating together than by functioning as disconnected islands. We strive to maintain a healthy balance of mutual accountability without undue control. Our name reflects our foundation; we embrace the Bible as God’s Word and seek to build who we are, what we believe, and what we do on the Bible, which must be open in order to discover and apply its truth. Jesus commanded His followers to be the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13), so we desire to relationally authenticate what we believe. Our delight is to honor the Lord God, follow Jesus Christ, and allow the Holy Spirit to empower and guide us in our service.

Credentialing with Open Bible

Open Bible East

Open Bible is made up of five regions across the U.S. The R.A.M. Network is an extension of Open Bible East and it covers 18 states across the north eastern section of the U.S. Open Bible East is dedicated to assist in growing and planting Holy Spirit-empowered churches throughout the eastern part of the United States with a large network of established churches. Our mission is to edify and equip pastors, raise up healthy churches, plant new churches to expand the kingdom, work together to fund missions both in the USA and abroad, and connect church leaders and pastors to grow the body of Christ.

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Every R.A.M. Network church planter is credentialed through Open Bible Churches. Credentialing is an affirmation by a body of ministers that a person has a call of God on their life and is ready to be in service to that call. It is also a commitment to one another to live up to a standard of ministry. 

There are three layer of credentialing that each minister progresses through over the years. 

Basic Ministerial License – This is an entry level credential.
Certified Ministerial License – For ministers with additional seasoning and development of ministerial competencies. 
Ordination – Conferred upon ministers who have achieved three or more additional years of faithfulness and fruitfulness in leadership who have refined their ministerial competencies. 


10 Question Discernment

Our 10 Question Discernment tool is designed to get you started in discovering if you are called to church planting. Discerning your calling is a process and certainly won’t be fully clarified after answering just ten questions but each of the questions are meant to be thought provoking and challenging.. 

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Church Planting Application & Online Questionnaire

This application will help you get the ball rolling. In side the online form you will find a series of multiple choice, self evaluating questions to answer. This will help us understand more about you.


Discernment Center

The Discernment Center is a 3 day church planting assessment and discernment experience. It is designed to help you and your church planting organization find your best path forward in church planting. 

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