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About Us

Sending pioneers, apostles, and missionaries

We simply are not satisfied with the status quo of Christianity in America. As church numbers are dropping we began looking for a new generation of pioneers, apostles and church planting missionaries. We formed in 2017 as an extension of Open Bible East churches. Open Bible is a 100 year old movement with a fresh mandate to Make Disciples, Develop Leaders and Plant Churches. 

R.A.M. Network stands for "Release and Multiply". Our goal is to send out anointed leaders into the mission fields of Eastern America to multiply disciples, leaders and churches. . 


Where We Plant Churches

The R.A.M. Network plants churches in the northeast quadrant of the U.S. These 18 states represent over 90 million people, and the vast majority of them do not attend church at all. The New England area has become the most non-religious population of the United States. The need for new disciple-making churches that are filled with the power of God is unlike any time America has ever seen. Church planters are truly the modern missionaries and apostles of our time. 

Our Core Convictions


Disciple Making

We plant churches for a specific reason. To make disciples. We want to see the lost saved,  and discipled into the family of God. We don’t plant churches that attract Christians from other churches but rather, we plant churches that are on a mission to engage people that are not yet Christians and help them become disciples of Jesus and members of a church family. 


Multiplication DNA

We plant churches that plant churches. This happens because our church plants intensionally raise up new church planting leaders, give back to the Open Bible church planting network, help host church planting events, and coach and mentor other Open Bible church planters.


Holy Spirit Empowered

We plant churches that encounter God. We are not interested in just teaching the world about God. We want to know Him personally. We plant churches that embrace the gifts of the spirit and guide their members to minister in healthy and fruitful ways.


Unified In Spirit and Practice

We plant churches that are unified in key practices but look and function in unique expressions. Our church plants will gather weekly, teach the scriptures, practice communion and baptism, have qualified leadership, be affiliated with Open Bible, give back in financial contributions, and be committed to outreach and evangelism.

To read our Statement of Faith 

Churches Planted

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