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Reigniting the multiplication DNA within Open Bible to make disciples, develop leaders and plant churches.

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Exponential with Open Bible

Exponential is the largest church multiplication conference in the world, and this event has proven to be a significant asset to Open Bible church planters and leaders. 

At the 2024 Exponential Conference in Orlando, Florida, we gather Open Bible planters, pastors, and leaders for a follow-up event from March 7 to March 8. This meeting will be to statically dialogue on how Open Bible can become a church multiplication movement from the bottom up and the top down. 

Open Bible Church Planting Leaders are coordinating lodging and tickets for the conference and the Open Bible Post Conference Strategic Meeting.

To reserve your spot or learn more, contact George Williams 

Phone 419.215.1100     Email:



An Explore Church Planting workshop is a one-day intensive to creatively explore the missional impact that leads to disciple-making and new churches. In the workshop, we will take everyday church members and help them understand the impact of new churches on unreached people right here in America and that it takes all kinds of people to help start new kingdom works. 

This workshop is 4 hours long, with a recommended 30-minute lunch break in the middle. It is ideal to have between 15 to 30 people in attendance. Some promotional materials can be provided upon request.

To coordinate an Explore Church Planting event, contact George Williams

Phone 419.215.1100     Email:



Adopting a church planter is an easy first step to introduce your church, youth group, or small group to church planting. This is also extremely encouraging and resourceful to church planters. 

Pick a church planter: Choose an Open Bible Church Planter. You can find many on the MVP website or ask your church planting director for new planters that are not on MVP yet. If you already have one in mind, you can either contact them directly or through your region's Church Planting Director. 

Pray for them: Many planters have a news letter, prayer letter, or support letter. Send their letter to your prayer teams to get them praying for your planter.

Invite them: Have them come to your church to give a personal update or a chance to preach at your church.

Support them: Giving monthly through MVP or directly. This is very encouraging to the planter as it helps them do outreach before they have a tithing base. Sometimes it takes years to develop tithers within a new church plant.

Bless them: Church planting missionaries sacrifice so much and often have little left for themselves. Send your adopted church planter a gift to help them get away or go on a date. Blessing a planter will add fuel to their tank to continue ministering strong. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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