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Getting Started

Here is our Church Planting process. If you are ready to begin the journey of church planting your fist step is to get connected. Fill out the contact form so that we can begin the conversation and help you on God's mission. 


First contact

Lets talk. We want to hear about your heart for planting churches and reaching the lost. Let's see how we can do that together. Give us a call or fill out the connect form.


Coaching and training

We fully believe that no church planter should go alone. Church planting is a team effort. We provide as much training and coaching support around our church planters as possible. 


Measure your skills

Learn your strengths and your sweet spots in ministry. Take our initial assessment that will give feed-back on your experiences in ministry and the needed skills as a church planter


Fund the dream

Building a funding base should not be overlooked. The stronger the funding base is in the beginning can lead to more stability in the first several years as a church. We provide incentives to help church plants raise funds.


Get credentialed

Collecting the ideas, dreams and God given instructions into one cohesive document can be challenging but necessary. We are here to help. Having a writer vision is important.


Evangelize your city 

The Gospel of Jesus being revealed is the rock Jesus builds His church on. Each church planter is sent as missionaries to establish God kingdom where in hearts that haven't yet received the good news. 


Disciple and build a team

Building the right team and leading that team in a unified vision for evangelism, discipleship and church planting take time and skill. Discipleship starts on day one.


Launch the church

 Months leading up to a church launch should be filled with outreach, investing in teams, a load of planning. When the big days comes it will be a celebration.


Send and multiply 

Every church plant is born to multiply. Raising up and sending leaders is a core DNA of churches. Having a multiplication mindset from the beginning helps to build that DNA in.


The R.A.M. Network plants churches in the northeast quadrant of the U.S. These 18 states represent over 90 million people, and the vast majority of them do not attend church at all. The New England area has become the most non-religious population of the United States. The need for new disciple-making churches that are filled with the power of God is unlike any time America has ever seen. Church planters are truly the modern missionaries and apostles of our time. 

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